Friday 5s with Mason Collective

The Manchester trio kick-off our Friday 5s series by sharing the 5 tracks that changed their life and their ultimate 5-a-side team...

7th June 2019

The Manchester trio kick-off our Friday 5s series by sharing the 5 tracks that changed their life and their ultimate 5-a-side team…

Mason Collective are Manchester’s undisputed leaders of the underground house scene. 0161 has long been at the forefront of many new music genres and sub-cultures and now the city is driving the infectious electronic sub-genre thanks to its very own Mason Collective.

Members Blair Suarez, Adam ‘Mase Milo’ Myles and Omar Guedar represent the ambidextrous nature of every slashie-twenty-something around right now. By combining their DJing, producing and party planning skills and wrapping it all up in the spirit of the dance and rave culture, they’ve become a bubbling force across the city – and the entirety of the UK too – on the evidence of their sell-out shows and the success of their latest solo EP, ‘Whippin,’ which reached the Top 5 in the Beatport charts. 

“We’re all from South Manchester – we’re born and bred here. It means a lot to us, we always try to represent our city the best that we can,” Omar explains. With an organic camaraderie between them, the trio began playing back-to-back shows, proving popular among early audiences and that in itself inspired the entire Mason Collective movement. They’ve never looked back since.

Away from music, there’s another thread that ties all the boys together – United. Growing up in south Manchester in early 90s, like every kid in the country – let alone the city – they all wanted to play for United, and that desire has knitted the boys together from day one.

So, with a natural love of music and football, we saw Mason Collective as the perfect fit to kick off Friday 5s – our new weekly column where we ask musicians, artists, designers, footballers and creatives to share any five things they choose. Each week will provide a completely different list and a completely different insight into their own world. So, keep scrolling to discover Mason Collective’s ultimate 5-a-side team alongside the five tracks that changed their life. 

Mason Collective’s Ultimate 5-a-side Team 

1.Omar’s Pick: Ronaldo

Not only was he part of the iconic 2002 Brazilian World Cup winning side but he is one of the biggest legends in football of all time. We were lucky enough to meet him last year backstage at Circoloco DC10. Madness. 

2. Blair’s Pick: Paul Pogba

Love him or hate him, he’s our favourite player right now. Plus, he’s the top boy for United who we all support so he’s got to be in there.

3. Adam’s Pick: Cristiano Ronaldo

Goes without saying, doesn’t it? Best player in the world.

4. Blair’s Pick: Thierry Henry

No question, one of the best strikers to ever grace the Premier League. 

5. Omar’s Pick: Dida

Another big part of the 2002 Brazilian World Cup winning side and an incredible ‘keeper. 

Mason Collective’s 5 Most Important Tracks Of All-Time

1. Adam’s Pick: Armand Van Helden – You Don’t Know Me

Probably one of the first tracks that I picked up on as a kid – that I can remember anyway. I would’ve been about 4 when it came out, it brings back a lot of memories.  

2. Blair’s Pick: Michael Jackson – PYT

Like most others our age we grew up on Michael Jackson’s music. There is so many MJ tracks to choose from but PYT stands out for us all. 

3. Adam’s Pick: Silicone Soul – Right On!

Timeless record released in 2001. Probably house at its best to be honest. 

4. Omar’s Pick: Quentin Harris – My Joy (ft. Margaret Grace)

One of our favourite tracks on one of our favourite labels (Erick Morillo’s Strictly Rhythm). Think it came out in 2008. It’s one of those tracks you never get tired of, still goes off when we play it. 

5.Blair’s Pick: Mason Collective – Whippin

The lead track from our first solo release at the beginning of 2018. It was also our first number 1 on the overall release charts on Beatport, which meant a lot to us. It was a good signal that people were feeling the sound that we’d been working on. 

Be sure to check out Mason Collective’s latest EP – Dry Mout – ft. fellow Mancunian RENKO which is out today.

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