Rising 11: Unknown T

Photography: Will Reid / Creative Direction: Tayler Prince-Fraser / Styling: Nayaab Tania / Words: Jack Walsh.
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"My upbringing taught me I could only express my voice through music."

This article is an excerpt from the Rising 11 feature from Issue 01 of GAFFER: ‘England’s Finest’. Available from our online shop now.


Homerton B was the track of 2018. A late summertime grower, the track found its way into the record box of every established selector – everyone from Mistajam to Annie Mac (and even Tim Westwood) could be found blasting it out to legions of ravers from London to Ayia Napa. T could be said to be operating within the slipstream created by the UK Drill scene – or perhaps a venn diagram where Grime, Trap and Drill meets in one intoxicating combination. The future of UK music is exciting with artists like Unknown T at the helm.


The Londoner and man of the moment talked to us on Homerton B & Liverpool FC.  


What’s your relationship with football? Do you have a team?

Yes., I like football. I have always watched football since young, and I support Liverpool FC.


Has it inspired your work, and have you their mutual paths crossing at points?

To some extent football has inspired me. This year Liverpool’s elevation definitely helped raise self-confidence & hope in myself. Up the Reds.


How did your upbringing growing up influence what became your sound?

Growing up in a harsh, run-down area was never easy. My upbringing made me learn a lot which we could only express our voice through music. 


We feel there is a tribal energy to football that also exists in music, notably Grime. Do you agree?

I agree. The upbringing of sportsmen and women is similar to plenty of normal middle-class people who share the same music taste. We all grew and inherit the same tribal energy from the area we are raised.  



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How do you see the future relationship between football and music developing?

I feel there will be a closer relationship. Both football and music represent the culture of many people lives in society today. In the future I feel more artists can be used to represent campaigns and help engage more with young people.


 What helps you get into the headspace to create? 

I feel that my time and patience helps me get into the right headspace. At times I feel rushing will not bring perfections, so I must have peace of mind.


Who is, or would be, your ideal artist to collaborate with?

Ideally? Giggs or Stormzy.


The UK is undergoing social and political tension on unprecedented levels. Do you feel this is a difficult time to be doing what you’re doing, or the opposite?

Of course it is a difficult time. Artists still feel these social and political tensions. But I’m built to stay consistent or else I’ll fall off.


Which artists are coming through alongside you right now that you admire?

I’m feeling a few brand new artists like Dig Dat who has grew in the music scene alongside with myself, Headie One who’s made a big impact on the urban sound this year. The list continues for days. It’s a good time to be British.


Do you have a favourite football kit from the past?

My favourite football kit will always be Liverpool new season home kit. But I do like the Pink Juventus away shirt.


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