Lotto Boyz

Photography: Edward Cooke / Styling: Nayaab Tania / Words: Tom Everest
8th January 2019
First things first.....

Ever since they first released music back in 2016, Ash and Lucas aka the Lotto Boyzz have been on an upward trajectory. Tagging their sound as ‘Afrobean’ – a collision of Afro-Caribbean music mixed with rap and R&B – the pair have enjoyed a two-year spell where they’ve topped nearly every single hitlist around. Singles such as ‘No Don’ – certified with a Not3s and Chip remix – and ‘Birmingham’, an ode to their hometown, consistently clock up millions of views, while ‘Unfinished Business’ and ‘FaceTime Me’ have continued to take their sound to another level. To capture that rise, and to see what they’ve learned along the way, we take it back to the start. Capturing the very first time that the Lotto Boyzz met, bought sneakers and fell in love with football.  

The first time you realised you wanted to be a musician…

Ash: We both realised after we did our first ever live show at The 02 Institute in 2014. The show was called “Two Paths One Dream”.


The first record your bought…

Ash: I Am – Chipmunk

Lucas: So Solid – The Don’t Know LP


The first time you were given genuinely great advice…

Ash: Adam Brooks told me “the only person who can stop you from being what you want is yourself.”

Lucas: My bro, now manager Alex, told me “the world is your oyster. You can do anything you want to”


The first time you ever won anything…

Ash: Uma 2018 Best Duo. I’ve never won anything before, not even a scratch card.

Lucas: Bowling competition at a friend’s birthday party.


The first time you felt like you made a difference…

Ash: When I gave my mum twenty-thousand pounds.

Lucas: When I made my school’s “Hall of Fame”.


Hoodie OFF WHITE at BROWNS, Sunglasses FENDI


The first thing you bought with your very first music pay cheque…

Ash: My braces.

Lucas: My second car.


The first song you remember impacting your creative practice…

Ash: Chipmunk – Oopsy Daisy

Lucas: Tinie Tempah – Pass Out


The first time you fell in love with football…

Ash: When I saw Rihanna at The Emirates Stadium.

Lucas: Primary school. Best thing going at playtime.


The first thing you’d do if you were Prime Minister…

Ash: Foundations for people who suffer from depression.

Lucas: More funding to build community centres within neighbourhoods.


The first time you met a fan…

Ash: In 2015. A girl saw me and started to scream. It was so overwhelming. It felt unreal.

Lucas: Paradox Event. The fan was overly gassed to see me. It was crazy. I didn’t know how to feel.


The first time you put a stage outfit together…

Ash: That first show, I had a football top with Ash on the back and the number 10. Lucas had his name and the number 19.


The first pair of sneakers you owned…

Ash: Reebok Classics.

Lucas: Air Max.


The first time you were starstruck…

Ash: Giggs at The AfroRepublik Event at the 02.

Lucas: I bumped into D Double E once at Steel Banglez’s apartment. It was a mad moment for me, as I grew up listening to him.


Ash wears T-Shirt PALM ANGELS, Bomber Jacket PALM ANGELS, Jeans DIESEL, Sneakers CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, Sunglasses VINTZ SHOP, Lucas wears T-Shirt PRADA Jacket OFF-WHITE, Jeans KSUBI, Trainers NIKE, Sunglasses VINTZ SHOP 

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