Rising 11: Lancey Foux

Photography: Jack Bridgland / Words: Jack Walsh.

This article is an excerpt from the Rising 11 feature from Issue 01 of GAFFER: ‘England’s Finest’. Available from our online shop now.


It would be difficult to find artists that encapsulate the modern marriage of urban music and fashion more than Lancey Foux. An eye catchingly provocative and intriguing act, Lancey managed the impressive duo of dropping a track featuring his unofficial mentor Skepta alongside fronting a global campaign for the latest Air Jordan One in late Summer 2018.


A fiercely unique blend of the fashion show catwalk and the grey streets of London, Lancey’s style icon and forward thinking musician that’s helping to hit at the glass ceiling looming over Grime in 2019. Lancey Foux gave us food for thought whilst talking football, London and favourite kits.


What’s your relationship with football? Do you have a team?

Man City. Since 2007-8.


Has it inspired your work, and have you their mutual paths crossing at points?

Yeah, I used to play football and obviously music had to be chosen at some point. I have friends in football, and I see things in music that inspire my music. I feel like De Bruyne sometimes.


How did your upbringing growing up influence what became your sound?

Yeah, it has hugely. It’s the first point of contact and had a powerful influence on what I have created. I feel like London has the best talent anyway. People like Skepta. Jamiroquai.






We feel there is a tribal energy to football that also exists in music, notably Grime. Do you agree?

Inner cities create communities. Football and music solidify those communities. It’s your first point of contact, It’s literally at street level. Everyone helps each other and you build communities from the street up.


How do you see the future relationship between football and music developing?

It’s there already in abundance. Pogba dancing like Migos. Lingard dabbing. Footballers want to be musicians and vice versa. It’s only going to accelerate.


What helps you get into the headspace to create? 

Playing FIFA. Watching football and listening to other music. Smoking well.


Who is, or would be, your ideal artist to collaborate with?

Pharrell and Tyler the Creator. We’re on the same planet, why not?


Which artists are coming through alongside you right now that you admire?

Everyone. Swarve. Shalem. Sam Wise. The music scene in the UK right now is happening. People are helping each other, it’s more mature and supportive. All love.


Do you have a favourite football kit from the past?

My favourite football kit was a random Paris Saint Germain kit from when Ronaldinho was there (2001-2003). I loved that kit with the collar.


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