No Stylist Episode 03: Pierluigi Gollini

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For the latest episode of No Stylist we linked up with Atalanta and Italian international goalkeeper Pierluigi Gollini in the incredible city of Bergamo. 

If you don’t already know, No Stylist gives players total control. It’s the ultimate test as we let them loose on a stylist’s rail of clothes to curate and pick out three separate outfits and dictate their own shoot.

To put Pierluigi under the spotlight we lined up Valeria Semushina as the dedicated stylist to judge Pierluigi’s efforts. On the day, Valeria had to submit a final Style Report Card based on key criteria such as sneaker choice, brand knowledge and appropriateness to the theme to give the goalkeepers’ fits an official rating. All the while, Vladislav Kirillov was on hand to dig deeper into Pierluigi’s personal style and life beyond the pitch. And, if you don’t know anything about that, then you’re in for a treat.

Since leaving English shores in 2018 when Pierluigi swapped Aston Villa for Atalanta, his career has exploded. Not only has the young keeper established himself as the number one for one of the most exciting and free-flowing teams in Europe with Atalanta in the UEFA Champions League, he’s also made his way into the Italian national team. But, Pierluigi Gollini’s football achievements certainly haven’t been at the expense of his creativity: in 2018 he released his first single, Rapper coi Guanti (Rapper with Gloves), under the name Gollorius. You need to look no further than the official video to see the ways in which Pierluigi is taking the Italian rap game into new avenues. He’s a massive sneakerhead too, so this episode has every corner covered. 

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