Georges-Kevin N’Koudou

Photography: Jack Grange / Styling: Landry Thomas / Words: Tom Everest
Hat STUSSY, jacket PRADA, T-shirt BALENCIAGA, Trousers PRADA

Georges-Kévin N’Koudou is new generation all over. Young, diminutive, incredibly quick, skilful and adept on either wing, he’s ready to fulfil a potential that’s on the cusp of being unleashed on the Premier League in 2019. Talking us through his appreciation of the English game, his targets for the second half of the season and, like any footballer worth their Instagram following, he unwraps his wardrobe and lets us in on the new wave brands that we should all be looking to this year.


What were your first impression of making the move to Spurs – who was the first person you spoke to?

I was happy because it is a big opportunity to discover the Premier League, and Tottenham is a big club the world over, with very big players. I immediately integrated myself in the group from the very first day, and I became close with Moussa Sissoko because we both speak French. He became an older brother to me from day one.


What has been the biggest surprise since moving to Spurs?

England is very different from France. The country lives football, and the whole world knows that the Premier League is the most watched league and the most attractive in the world. It brings pressure, but it’s an experience like no other.

"I like drawing. It’s an art form that I used to do well. I’m picking it back up little by little"

Has the transition to the Premier League been as tough as you’d first imagined?

I didn’t necessarily have an idea of what the Premier League would be like. It’s always different playing on the field than it is watching it on television, so I’ve tried to take it all in my path.


What are your targets for the second half of the season?

To continuously progress and to always live and improve my passion through playing.


You’ve got a considered drip off the pitch – what are a few of your favourite brands that you’re rocking right now?

Lots of Nike, Martine Rose, Stussy for example, and for sure a lot of Nike x Off White.


Is there anyone you look to in particular for style inspiration?

A$AP Rocky is the boss, but Odell Beckham Jr is always up there for me, too.

What about under the radar brands, is there any fresh influences that we might not know of that you’re backing right now?

Martin Rose, 917, Greg Lauren. I’m not sure if that speaks to you but if it doesn’t, you better go check them out.


Is there a lot of talk about sneakers, style and tattoos in the changing rooms nowadays?

We do not speak a lot about clothes but there are players with style like Dele Alli and Vorm and, of course, Son.


Who’s coming through at Spurs with the fresh fits this season?

Son again, Dele, and Danny Rose is always fresh, too.


Is there any changing room rituals/pranks for players who come in with questionable clothes to the Spurs dressing room?

Yes, only if a player comes with a questionable outfit. He’s put in the middle of the locker room to be scrutinised by the team. It doesn’t happen too often, though.


Naturally your focus is always on football, but do you have any creative outputs outside of the game?

Yeah, for sure football is always first, but I like drawing. It’s an art form that I did well in before when I was younger. I’m picking it back up little by little, so hopefully I can improve on that. I love video games and also BMX a lot too.


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