Ellie Roebuck

Photography: Rebecca Naen / Styling: Jay Hines / Words: Victoria Lancaster
A Young Lioness to Watch

From playing with the boys teams at six years old to the Women’s World Cup at a mere 19 years old, Manchester City goalkeeper Ellie Roebuck has a destiny in football’s spotlight.


Hailing from Yorkshire, Roebuck’s training began at Sheffield United’s Centre of Excellence. Where it really began, and likely where her tenacity was developed, however, was on a pitch dominated by boys.


“I played with a mixed team up until around the age of 12. Obviously it’s quite hard, because everybody’s like, oh, there’s a girl on the pitch. You just take it in stride. I love proving them wrong,” Roebuck said.


Since she first kicked a football, Roebuck has maintained a singular focus. “The only thing that I can control is how I enjoy football. For me, win or lose, the main thing is to enjoy playing,” she said.


Roebuck couples that focus with a determination to prove people wrong. She came to wide scale attention with the calamity own goal that she permitted in a match against Birmingham last year. Since then, however, she has become England’s first choice goalkeeper.


Resilience and poise follow Roebuck off the pitch, as shown by her optimistic view towards the future of women’s football. “We just need to keep showing the world that we can play. We play nice football, and we’re honest players. It’s a skilful league, and I think the more people that get to watch, the more it gets out there,” she said.

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