Behind The Scenes: Capo Lee & Jamal Edwards Share The Story Of The Chelsea FC ‘Style & Swag’ Remix

Photography: Danny Kasirye / Interview & Words: Tom Everest

Ahead of the launch of the 2019/20 Premier League season, MC Capo Lee has dropped the video to his Chelsea FC remix of ‘Style & Swag’ featuring a whole host of familiar faces from the club’s starting XI. The video was shot on location at Stamford Bridge and was directed by SBTV creator, Jamal Edwards MBE, alongside Gerald Sagoe.


Produced by Sir Spyro the track is an all-star Chelsea FC rework and the video, shot at the iconic stadium, features a host of the club’s top players –  including, Callum Hudson Odoi, Ruben Loftus Cheek, Ngolo Kante, Tammy Abraham, Michy Batshuayi, Mason Mount, Olivier Giroud, Willian and César Azpilicueta – who all appear alongside Capo and Jamal.


The track, ‘Style & Swag,’ is taken from Capo Lee’s 2017 EP Capo The Champ and the remix represents another milestone moment in the current UK football-music crossover. Not only are there hopes for the track to become an anthem at The Bridge but it looks set to raise the bar for all other creative collaborations between musicians and football clubs the world over. That’s the level that Jamal Edwards and Capo Lee are pushing for. The pair explained all when when they invited GAFFER on a tour of their new stomping ground to share a few stories behind the making of the video.

First and foremost, how do you know each other? Where and when did you first meet? 


Jamal Edwards (JE): (Laughter) Oi, do you want to tell the story? 


Capo Lee (CL): Was so long ago now!


JE: It was in Morrison’s car park and at the time this guy wasn’t even called Capo Lee. He was called Lee Man. This was eight years ago now back in 2010. 


CL: I did a rap freestyle in the carpark and Jamal just dropped into the ends in Acton. It was sick. I was slyly a bit starstruck – he was a big name at the time. He still is, of course, but then it was a big man ting. I kept it calm though. 


JE: The video was sick, he had a very different flow back then, he was different. I really liked his vibe. He had a considered pause in his style, it was sick. At first I didn’t recognise him, then half way through I was like rah, ‘that’s Lee Man!’


CL: I changed my name after that. Basically, after that I didn’t do music. I did that freestyle and I stopped. Because it didn’t blow. (Laughter). It was a rookie mistake. You see certain things happening for certain people on their freestyles so you think, ‘yes, this is me, this is my thing,’ but then it didn’t happen. So, I thought it might not be for me. I stopped for years. I came back in 2015 with the name Capo Lee. Back in 2010, I probably wasn’t ready for the music industry. In 2015, I knew it all better – I realised the game and I was hungry for it. 

So, how did the idea for you collaborating on this new project come about? Do you remember the first conversation? 


CL: To tell the truth, I kept telling Jamal, ‘I support Chelsea, you know!’ He kept saying he was going to shout me. I kept reaching out to him like ‘yo, Jamal!’


JE: I was waiting for the right thing. Even when the club first got in touch with me they just wanted to do more. I’ve been around the club for a bit now, been going to a lot of games, I’ve been out to the training ground at Cobham and I’ve constantly been thinking of ideas. This was the first time where I thought we could do something different. Chelsea were doing the 2nd kit launch this year and the club was like who could you bring along to make the launch video? I knew Kenny Allstar was a fan, Capo’s a fan. We kept going back and forth with the idea for music in the launch video. If you listen carefully the bit in the record shop you can hear a teaser for Capo’s new track. So there was a hint there. 


CL: Did they know I was doing a whole track for it? Or just a verse? 


JE: Nah, wait. So, we were playing around with different songs we could use to play around with the theme ‘Style & Swag,’ the whole style around the King’s Road. So, then coincidentally, we used the Capo track. I told him to ‘Chelsea’ it up a bit, add in a few Chelsea lyrics. He came back instantly with these bars. So, I went straight to the club saying can we make this a thing. Can we shoot the video in the stadium? So, then I told Capo to add another verse to track, which he did instantly, and it all fell into place. It wasn’t supposed to be a proper thing but we turned it around so quick. Capo turned the first track around in a day and then the final thing, all recorded with all the new Chelsea bars, in a week. 


What is your favourite bar in the track? 


CL: (Spitting) New season, that’s a new mountain. This squad has got Mason Mount in. 


JE: I do like that one, too. My other favourite one is: ‘Super Frank, that’s Lampard!’ I can imagine in a rave that lyric being the one that gets shouted back, it’s a proper grime track. 


When you shot the video, who was the player that backed the track the hardest?


JE: You said Ruben (Ruben Loftus-Cheek) came up to you at the end and asked you when the track was coming out?


CL: Yeah, yeah. At the very end of the day when I was just getting into my car and was on the phone to my little brother. I looked to the left and I saw Ruben walking towards me. I was like, ‘what’s he going to say!?’ I was still on the phone to my brother telling him what happened, then Ruben was getting closer so I wound the window down, giving my brother commentary the whole way. Trying to be all chill. He came over just like, ‘the tune is bad, when is it coming out?’ That was a mad moment. 


Who was the player who was proper joining in on the day, thinking they had bars too?


CL: Mason (Mason Mount) really liked the bar about him so he was enjoying it. Callum (Hudson-Odoi) was proper skanking out. While Olivier Giroud just wanted to do bare retakes to make sure he looked great. We did bare takes. It was sick, though. Everyone was game for it. 


What’s the best outtake from the day?


CL: There’s a shot with me and Kante just walking. Just walking having a chat. Me, walking and talking with N’Golo Kante. Do you know how mad that is? I spoke to him the most out of anyone, we ended up sitting down and I said ‘Ah, so you do get tired?’ Because that guy is a machine and he just looked at me, smiled, and said, ‘sometimes.’ 


What player from Chelsea history would you have chosen to feature in the video?


CL: Obviously Lamps. 100%. He came through to check how everything was going. He was wearing a suit but we couldn’t ask him to get involved, it was too mad as it was. 


JE: I’d say Jimmy Floyd-Hasselbaink. I always used to get called Jimmy Floyd back in the day, probably because I used to do a big toe punt and the ball would go anywhere. 


Do you both remember your first trip to Stamford Bridge?


JE: I was with my Dad, but I can’t remember the specific game. I need to text him or something. We’ve been to loads of games, it was a big part of my childhood. 


CL: Mine was time ago. I just remember seeing the team for the first time; the defence of Desailly, Leboeuf, Melchiot – Flo up front, that was the team I remember.


Is the Bridge a place for you to escape to away from your careers? Do you consider it a place of solitude?


JE: I’m from West London so it’s always been a special place for me. I’ve found it more of a place of solitude recently. Before I was so into the music, I still am, but now when I come to the games it feels like such a release. You forget about everything, the game is all that matters. I think that’s good for me and both of us running busy lives to have that release. 


How hard was it to keep the video secret?


CL: About a week and a bit. Which was hard enough. 


JE: It was very difficult. This whole thing is mad. It’s mad that an English professional club has co-signed a proper video like this. 


CL: No other club has ever done anything like this. This is the first one. 


JE: It’s a moment in history, for sure. It’s all shot inside the stadium, it has so many different players in it. It’s special. 


Do you see this video as a milestone moment; something that will set the trend and help merge the worlds of football and music even closer?


JE: Everyone is doing their little part to make the whole relationship between the two worlds a bigger thing. So, us doing this can only mean more. This is a grime track, a proper Spyro-produced track. It’s nuts. 


How do you both rank this in terms of career achievements? 

CL: This is top! Imagine, when we have children and all these things, in fifty years or so Chelsea FC will still be here. I can sit my kids down and tell them that I did a track and a video with the club. That will be crazy, it’s a moment. Then my kids are going to tell their kids!


JE: It’s definitely a career milestone, I just want to build on it and keep growing this world. I hope this is the first of many things that we can do in football and with this football club. 


On the topic of the future, how are you boys feeling for the new season? 


JE: I’m excited. There’s a lot of young players coming through and that’s what I love the most. Tammy, Mason, Callum, all them guys. 


CL: With Chelsea, we always perform better when the pressure is off. When we won the Champions League no one expected us to win it but we did. I think it’ll be a bit of the same this year, as the pressure is off a little. Not saying we’ll win the Champs League but I think we’ll do well because the same mindset will be there. We’re known for surprising people. 


JE: 21 trophies, 22 years. Facts. 



Watch the full Capo Lee ‘Style & Swag’ Chelsea FC Remix now on the Club’s official YouTube Channel.


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